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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pegasus Hobbies - Toy Soldiers

Pegasus Hobbies is an American manufacturer of figures, kits and accessories. They are based out of California and while I don't know exactly when they entered the market, they seem to be a relatively recent arrival. Nonetheless, they have a nice decent range of figures, but the unfortunate part for us is that most of them are in the 1/72 scale. They did begin manufacturing some sets in 1/32, but they only released 3 of them and only one was WWII-related as you will see below. One of the sets that they have in 1/72 which I really, really hope that they release in 1/32 is a WWI/WWII French Infantry set. I exchanged some emails with them about two years back and they expressed that there was a good possibility of it happening, so I am still hopeful that will be the case and the French could definitely use some extra figures/poses. In reality, I fear that their 1/32 line has not sold as well as expected and they might not be pressing forward with more sets. That would be a shame as the quality of the sculpting and the creativity of the poses is really above average. In the meantime, they have just released a set of German Paras, which is a very welcome contribution to the hobby. OK, so let's take a look a the one WWII set that we  do have available to us.

Pegasus Hobbies Soviet Naval Infantry - Part I
First of all, they provided us with a branch of the Soviet military that no other manufactuer had paid attention to. That was a great choice, and when these guys are painted they look really nice. Second, notice that we get 12 poses, which is a great number. And the poses are really dynamic and ready for some action. They would really fit well on some close quarters battle scene like Stalingrad or Sevastpol, which is where many of these guys actually fought.

Pegasus Hobbies Soviet Naval Infantry - Part II
The only thing to be aware of, is that in order to manufacture some of these complex poses, some of the figures come in two parts, and the arms, weapons or legs need to be glued to the figure, which requires finding the right glue so that they remain attached. But I find that only a small inconvenience in exchange for what you get. The whole set is so well done that I find it hard to pick a favorite figure. Perhaps the prone man firing the sub machine gun, but it is a very hard call.

Pegasus Hobbies German Paratroops - Part I
A nice complement to the existing paras. An officer with a cap to lead them, a man with a heavy MG firing off the hip, and a very much needed panzerschreck. In terms of scale, they are a very good match with the existing Airfix figures. Perhaps the head/helmet is a bit smaller, but it's not going to be very noticeable. Once they are painted they will mix well with the others.

Pegasus Hobbies German Paratroops - Part II
In terms of sculpting, they are just the way I like them. Lots of action in these poses. All of them engaging the enemy and their bodies leaning the way they are supposed to and plenty of detail on them. In terms of new weapons, the panzerpfaust is also a welcome addition to the unit and will be put to good use in close quarter combat against Allied armor.

Click here to see a post with the Soviet Naval Infantry in action.


  1. These look really nice! Especially the running riflemen and the guy walking with the DP. I'd love to get a hold of this set.

    Are you going to paint these?

  2. Luckily you can find these online easily. Yes, I would love to paint them. I just don't know when I'll get to them. I have such a huge queue of guys to paint!