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Friday, July 1, 2011

Soviet Naval Infantry

The Soviet Naval Infantry was theoretically an amphibious force, although they only conducted a handful of landings during the war. For the most part they were used as normal infantry in land battles where reinforcements were badly needed like Stalingrad, Leningrad, or the ouskirts of Moscow. Some of them were actually ship crews retrained as infantry, but nonetheless they fought courageously and earned themselves a gallant reputation.

This first set of pictures is the Soviet Naval Infantry made by Pegasus Hobbies. It comes in 12 nice, very well-proportioned, action poses. It requires a minor amount of assembly/gluing, namely a few arms and weapons, as some of the figures are manufactured using two molds. That's still a small price to pay in exchange for some nicer -less flat- poses compared to what can be manufactured with one mold. Unfortunately I still have not gotten around to painting them, even though I already researched the uniforms. Even so, they still make a nice scene.  

In the pictures below you see them launching a counterattack on a street that has already exchanged hands several times. Will they prevail this time?

The men up front rush forward.

The rubble on the street offers some amount of cover.

The front elements are already in grenade-throwing range.

The guys immediately behind provide covering fire.

A couple of sub-machine gun bursts to make the enemy take cover.

A side view of the action.

Looks like this machine gunner is about to do some damage...

Taking a well-aimed shot.

The captain bringing up the rear.

The more cautious guys following a few steps behind.

Publius Soviet Naval Infantry - Part I
Here are a few more Naval Infantry guys made by a Russian company called Plubius. They are really hard to find. I got these guys courtesy of my friend and fellow collector, The Plastic General. He discovered them and managed to obtain some from a contact in Russia. The level of detail and fluidity of movement in the sculpting is among the best I've seen. They are so well done that leave you longing for more poses. 

Publius Soviet Naval Infantry - Part II
I also like the fact that every pose is an action pose, as opposed to having some marching or standing guys, which tned to have a more limited use. And as you can see, there is a nice variety in the weaponry and outfits of the figures. I also like the fact that the bases have some detail and texture, but they are not bulky as has been the trend recently in the hobby. These guys are certainly a great complement to the Pegasus figures and add much needed variety to this service branch of the Soviet Army. 

ESCI Soviet Spetznaz - Part I
The Spetznaz are Soviet Special Forces, however they are post WWII figures. I find their uniforms however close enough to the Soviet Naval Infantry that I have decided to use them as such to complement the Pegasus figures. The weaponry is a bit modern, so I'll have to overlook that. In terms of the poses I like the men who are crouching better than the ones who are standing.

ESCI Soviet Spetznaz - Part II
Some of these guys are wearing a different head gear. Not sure if those will blend in with the Naval Infantry. Their weapons however would fit quite well in the WWII period. Again, I have my reservations about the poses of the guys who are running. I would like them better if their upper bodies were leaning more a bit forward.

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  1. Great post, great minis- I will check them out; nice one, thanks!