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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Soviet Infantry - Part I

In this post you can see a selection of Soviet Infantry figures from multiple manufacturers, painted to look like a single unit. Even though I painted more than 100, the total number of unique figures is only 47. Since the time I painted these figures, I have found a few more sets (Atlantic, Italeri Anti-Tank Gun Crew, Supreme Playsets) which would allow me to paint another 20 unique poses or so. But for now, this is it. 
By the way, while we are on the topic of Soviet Infantry, I have to say that in the name of accuracy, I always try to resist calling them Russian Infantry, as the Soviet army contained many more groups beyond Russians. The funny thing however is that I just realized that most of the manufacturers actually refer to them as Russian Infantry on their packaging. No wonder they are most often called this way. Anyhow, however you prefer to call them, I present them to you for your review.

Airfix Soviet Infantry
A nice solid set made in the 70's and 80's. I like how they did a good job showing how common the submachine guns were among the Soviets, particularly in the late years of the war.

Italeri Soviet Infantry
Released about 4 or 5 years ago. This is a subset of the figures that they produced in 1/72. Supreme Playsets actually came out a few months back with these 8 poses plus 4 more, based on the Italeri 1/72 figures. I bought the Supreme Playset figures just for those 4 extra poses.

MPC Soviet Infantry
I have mixed feelings about this set. The 4 guys at the ends of this picture are OK, but the other guys are a bit odd. Like what's up with that guy doing that funny step? The cossack officer is a nice touch, but he seems to be a bit off balance. And the guy throwing the grenade seems to have a stiff neck.

Reproductions of Marx 6" Figures
The manufacturer of these guys is unclear to me. I bought them advertised as SWTS figures (Steve Weston Toy Soldiers), but I have not been able to comfirm that claim. He does not mention them on his web site.

Reproductions of Marx 6" Figures - one more
Here is one more of the allegedly SWTS Soviet guys. I did not paint this one as the figure, except for the base, is almost exactly like one of the 54mm Marx guys. See the picture below, the man on the very left. I have added him to this post so that you get to see the complete set of 6.

Marx Soviet Infantry
The bottom of the base of these figures actually says 1965. The figures I painted were cast more recently, but the mold was made that year. Probably among the earliest WWII Soviet figures to be made.

Toy Soldiers of San Diego Soviet Infantry
This is a recently produced set. Nice sculpting, and good poses. The woman sniper is a good unique touch which pays tribute to the many women who fought at the front lines of the Soviet army.

ESCI Soviet Infantry
This is actually a 1/35 set. Next to some of the larger TSSD figures these guys look small, but when you need extra poses, you can't be very picky. Then again, I did not paint the officer on the right. Unfortunately, by the time I found it I already had enough officers painted but in retrospective I should have painted it as it gives me one extra pose. It is already primed and at some point it will join the ranks. BTW, I think that officer might also be a woman, but it's hard to tell for sure. The third figure from the right also looks like a woman.

Click here to see the Soviet Infantry in action.


  1. Hello. Here Alex from Russia. I too gather soldiers and armour of WWII. I have almost all the sets that you have. Many of the sets I have two copies. Someday I'll paint the second copies. For the first time Russia has to offer collectors a soldier of WWII-set Engineer Bassevich.

  2. Hi Alex, thanks a lot for making me aware of this new set and manufacturer. As far as I can tell on eBay they offer two WWII sets and 2 Revolution sets, all quite nice. The Revolution sets could maybe be used as partisans in a WWII context. The only thing I don't like as much is the price. I am going to have to shop around and see if I can find them somewhere else at a better price. I am like you in the sense that I like to have at least two copies of each set, one to paint and one to remain in the original state, so if I buy 8 sets at the eBay price that is going to be quite a bit! Anyhow, thanks again for the tip!

  3. there are several Russian producers. sets the price is quite high, but the quality is very good.

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  5. I have had dealings with ALEX on ebay, and let me tell you the Engineer Bassevich figures are beautifully-made in a durable, soft plastic. I buy them when I can!

    1. Yes, he is a good guy and reliable. He is also very helpful getting some other figures from Russia, like Publius.