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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Soviet Infantry in Action

Belorussia, Spring of 44. After pausing a few weeks to rest and consolidate its gains, the Soviet Army is ready for a new offensive. The Germans have had time to dig in and prepare their defenses, however, after several years of fighting a war of attrition, they are very low on manpower and armor, so their defenses lack depth and heavy weapons. The Soviet leadership, with its vasts reserves of men and materiel does not need to be very creative with its tactics, and launches a frontal attack against the German's main line after a heavy artillery barrage. In the pictures below we see how a Soviet company supported by a squadron of T-34s carries out the attack.

With a blow of his whistle, the officer launches the attack as soon as the artillery barrage lifts and urges his men forward.

Men and tanks start to move forward. Men firing on the run, the tanks' guns blasting away.

The T-34's offer good protection against small arms fire, but then again, they can also attract the attention of heavy weapons...

A Soviet man exhibiting their fondness of riding their tanks into battle.

Machine guns provide covering fire for the advancing troops.

The enemy has recovered from the initial shock and the return fire is starting to take its toll.

But the men keep rushing forward amid cries of OORAH! which can be heard across the entire front despite the din of battle.

The first men reach the German defenses and are clearing the first obstacles. The Sovietr submachine guns are ideal for this type of close range action.

The machine gun in the bunker has been knocked out and the men rush to seize it before the enemy is able to man it again. It is a mad rush to get there first.

In a couple minutes the bulk of the company is upon the German line.

For many of these men the fight is deeply personal and they are eager to engage the enemy in hand-to-hand combat.

But not all of them make it. The officer leading the charge takes a hit within feet of the objective.

One of his comrades quickly disposes of the enemy with a grenade.

The last Germans make a desperate last stand.

But they are swiftly overrun by the red Soviet tide.

Here's a more detailed description of the painted Soviet Infantry figures.

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