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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Supreme Playsets - Toy Soldiers

Supreme Playsets is a relatively unknown company that manufactures soldiers for kids. They come in bags and are relatively inexpensive. This would be great for me as a collector if only they offered more WWII sets. They do cover a large range of figures, like knights, pirates, ancients, but only one WWII set. One interesting feature of their figures is that they come factory painted. Once I heard that they were based out of Russia, but I don't have any evidence of it. One thing that points in that direction is that they do tend to favor sets depicting Russian figures, like Russian Knights, Russian Napoleonic Infantry, or WWII Soviet Infantry as you will see below.
The Soviet Infantry set was released only 2 or 3 years back. They are recasts of the 1/72 Italeri Soviet Infantry. There is an imporant difference though between this set and the Italeri 1/32 set. While Italeri also released a Soviet Infantry set in 1/32, that set only contains 8 figures, whereas the Supreme Playsets Set contains 12. If you want to try to identify which 4 are the new ones, do so before reading the rest of the post.
Supreme Playsets Soviet Infantry - Part I
As you can see it is a solid set, althpugh the credit for that should really go to Italeri. The man on the very left is carrying an anti-tank rifle (not sure if it is a PTRS or a PTRD), which is actually a nice and unique figure/weapon across all the Soviet Infantry sets that I have seen. He's great at taking on lightly-to-medium-armored German vechicles. The two figures that Italeri did not release in 1/32 are the first and the third guys from the left.

Supreme Playsets Soviet Infantry - Part II
As you can see, Supreme Playsets relased these figures in two color schemes. The green base color that you see is actually the color of the plastic, and only the face is really painted. The rest of the figure just has some brown patches throughout the body. So, other than the eyes, which actually look fairly decent, the rest of the paint job is rather poor. The same is true for the brown figures in the first picture above. The two new poses that Italeri did not release in 1/32 are the first and the fourth guys from the right.

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