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Monday, June 13, 2011

Maxim Machine Gun - Atlantic Russian Infantry

This is a nice machine gun that I picked up with the Atlantic Soviet Infantry set. The gun is a bit oversized and the pose of the figure firing it could be better, but it is still a good find. It is the only one of its kind among all the Soviet Infantry sets that I am aware of. If you watched Enemy at the Gates, you might remember that this MG is used by the NKVD troops to fire on the retreating conscripts after they are sent on a suicidal frontal assault against the German lines. This picture from the movie shows its actual size. Even though in reality it was not as large as the one in the Atlantic set, from what I have read in a Soviet soldier's memoir, it was still a very heavy weapon to carry or drag around. Unfortunately in the heat of the battle they had to change positions often to avoid the inevitable return fire once their firing position was spotted, and apparently the only way to do it without getting hit was to attach a rope to it and crawl on the ground pulling it behind. I bet that's when they were glad it had wheels!

Below is a side view showing a bit more detail.

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