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Friday, July 29, 2011

Soviet ZiS 3 76mm Anti-Tank Gun

This is a nice artillery piece introduced by Italeri. It is a 76mm Soviet Anti-Tank gun. This set was released a couple of years back and it filled a huge gap in the WWII 1/32 plastic toy soldier world. In addition to the gun itself, the set contains a crew in a good variety of poses. The Soviets produced these guns from 1942 onwards in massive quantities (over 100,000) and with a 76mm round, they were capable of piercing any German Tank prior to the Tiger I and the Panther. The Soviets were known for deploying large belts of anti tank defensive positions in depth which would wear down the German armored offensive capabilities and would leave them ripe for T-34 counterattacks, which is how they managed to stop the largest ever tank offensive at Kursk. The pictures below depict this gun in a street fighting scenario, as the Red Army pushed west and retook its cities.

The gunner and the leader prepare to fire another round as the rest of the crew works hard to keep the ammunition supply flowing.

This is what the German vehicles would be facing as they came around the corner.

This perspective affords a better view of the action as well as an unusual detail in the scene.
Can you spot it?

Click here to see some pictures of Soviet Infantry in action.

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