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Saturday, August 2, 2014

US Infantry - Part V

Because Blogger does not allow more than 20 labels in one post I am forced to split the posts with many sets into several posts... This is the last one of the GI series. For now...

Safari 60mm GIs - Part I
This is a pretty nice set all in all. The sculpting detail is good and the poses are well done. The only thing that I think could be done better is the painting. Other than the faces, which are fairly decent, the rest of the figure is barely painted. I think I will need to give them a paint over. Note also the other less common feature of these figures, they come without bases.

 Safari 60mm GIs - Part II
This is a comparison picture next to a 54mm TSSD figure. As you can see, the Safari figures are not too much larger. Keep in mind however that TSSD makes their figures on the larger side of 54mm, with a thick base that makes them even taller.

DGN US Infantry - Part I
The US Infantry seems to be among the best -if not the best- proportioned of all these sets. Again, some of the figures seem to be inspired by Matchbox figures, although they are still originals. 

DGN US Infantry - Part II
These guys do not have the over-sized weapon problem that the other sets do. I particularly like the machine gunner here.

DGN US Infantry - Part III
See the strong resemblance with the Matchbox GIs?

Burger King GIs
Here's a bit of an unusual set. It is modeled after the Toy Story GIs, released in 1995. They are about 65mm tall. If there were a few more poses, it woud make a good unit. Given their limited number of poses, they will have to be combined with some 70 mm GIs to give them some support. 

Clairet US Infantry
These GIs are a bit unusual. The poses are decent, altough the level of detail is a bit on the low-end of the spectrum, mainly because they only come with weapons and uniforms, but nothing else in terms of extra gear. 

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