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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Struggle at the farmhouse - 21st Century GIs in Action

Italy, spring of '44. The allied invasion of of the italian mainland is underway. The going up the boot is getting tougher and tougher as the allied forces come up against the Gustav Line. Here a squad of 21st Century Toys GIs find themselves defending an American outpost setup on an abandoned farmhouse. Isolated from their main body, they must hang on until help arrives.

For this squad of GI's, it's all coming down to fighting for this piece of real estate.

The men are at the ready.

The deploy an all-around defense as the enemy can come from any direction.

The wait is long and the surroundings feel eerily quiet.

All of a sudden, all hell breaks loose.
The enemy is attacking in company-size strength.

First the attack seems to focus on the left front.
Is it just me or are there too many guys pointing out targets, and not enough laying down fire?

A hail of semi-automatic fire greets the attackers on the left.

On the right a few well-placed grenades are keeping the enemy at bay. 

All of a sudden the back is also under attack. Men rush to reinforce that wall.

A fearsome flamethrower is already there doing its best to deter the enemy.

A few rocks is all that stands between these GIs and the enemy that surrounds them. Help is underway but it will take at least a couple hours of climbing through arduous terrain.
Will they be able to hold until then?

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