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Monday, October 10, 2011

Introducing the Romanian Infantry

Romania was a strong ally of Germany during WWII. It contributed more men to the Axis cause in Europe than all of the other Axis allies combined, in exchange for territorial gains such as Transylvania. In the summer of '41, when it went into the Soviet Union as part of Operation Barbarossa, it had a bit under 700,000 men in arms. This number peaked at 1.25 million in the summer of '44, when a coup d'etat overthrew Mashal Antonescu's government and switched Romania's allegiance to the Allied side. Romania's participation in the war exacted a high price. Throughout the war they lost 370,000 men. A good number of these took place during the Stalingrad debacle, where they lost a combined 158,000 men when the Soviets launched Operation Uranus, stricking at the overextended flanks covered by the Romanian units and other Axis allies. Another 167,000 deaths happened after they turned against the Axis. In terms of figure production, there is only one set that I am aware of as illustrated below.

Classic Toy Soldiers Romanian Infantry
CTS came out with this set a few years back. They released it at the same time that they released their Italian infantry, and aside from the officer, the other five figures are the same. The Italians were released in grey, and the Romanians in olive green. The set is actually fairly decent. The sculpting could have used a bit more details, but their poses do a nice job of conveying action. These guys will fit just fine fighting either the Soviets or the Germans.

Click here to see a description of Soviet Infantry.


  1. Too bad they don't have Romanian helmets!!

  2. Yes, CTS called them Romanian, but they are just the Italian figures in a different color and with a different officer...

  3. They are italian infantry. Son soldados de infantería italiana.

  4. I know what you mean. They are just like the Italian figures from CTS except for the officer. Here is the link to the Italian set:

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