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Monday, August 8, 2011

King Tiger Moving to the Front

Normandy, Summer of '44. The first Tiger II tanks are starting to be deployed in the field. Here we have one of the very first ones moving towards the front to help with the fighting around Caen. The Tiger II was a formidable tank in terms of armor and armament. With its powerful 88mm gun, it could knock out enemy tanks at ranges up to 3km and there are anecdotes of it taking over 24 hits in one action without being destroyed. However its reliability left much to be desired. In some units, more Tiger IIs were lost due to mechanical problems, and subsequently blown up to avoid capture, than were lost in combat. Bombing raids on the factories also prevented it from being deployed in large enough numbers, with less than 500 manufactured, compared to about 1500 Tiger I's and close to 9000 Panzer IV's. Later on, fuel problems caused many of them to be abandoned.

The Tank commander getting directions towards his objective.
The grenadiers marching along will provide some useful infantry cover when they go into action.

Good thing this is a stone bridge.
Weighing in at about 75 tons, not every bridge is able to support this behemoth.

Click here to see some pictures of German Infantry in action.
Click here to see some German Armor in action.

The models in these pictures are:
Forces of Valor King Tiger Tank and 21st Century Toys German Infantry.

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