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Friday, June 17, 2011

A Company of German Infantry in Action

Here are some pictures of last post's German company in action on the eastern front. These guys are defending a well prepared position which they've been able to build up while the Soviets were getting ready for their next offensive. I was inspired to build this setup by some of the scenes in the film Cross of Iron.
You may notice that the paint job on the figures when I took these pictures was still lacking the final blackwashing coat, and therefore they still have a less realistic, glossy finish. Maybe someday I will rebuild that scene and get some updated pictures, but for now, let's pretend they are a bit dirtier, as you would expect from a unit in action.
You may also notice that I have made wide spread use of all those little accessories that come with Forces of Valor figures and vehicles. When you get each of those sets, you get a few cans, boxes and the like. Not much from each set. However, when used in bulk on a scene like this, they can add some nice touches.

The main firing line

Command post bunker as MG nest

Also inside the CP, a 21 Century Toys Pak 40 

Rushing to the front

21 Century Toys 88 mm gun, anti tank role 

Making good use of those craters

Forces of Valor 88 mm gun - shows the 'kills' on its armor plate

Another 21 Century Toys 88mm gun

That was a brave Kamerad charging that MG armed with just a pistol

The enemy is getting close... time to break out those potato mashers!

Forces of Valor King Tiger in firing bay


  1. That is a great trench system. My next big project is bocage. I am studying Norman topography and photos of actual Norman hedgerows to see what a typical cross section of bocage that would be held on a company front looks like. Then I will figure out how to build it, on connecting plywood bases like your trenches. I did something similar with road, farm field, and orchard sections for Eastern Massachusetts 1775. To get a really good playset, you have to build the terrain yourself.

  2. Thanks a lot. It is quite a bit of fun to build a modular set of terrain, but also quite a bit of work. Have you seen these other posts about the trench system?