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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Those special guys - A Conte GI

Whether we grew up playing with soldiers, started collecting them later in life, or whatever the case might be, there are always a few guys in our army that hold a special place. Maybe they were the ones that would always make it through the battles, or maybe they just represent a great action pose, or perhaps superior sculpting. I have several of them but for this initial post I have selected one that I find pretty cool along several dimensions. The figure itself is very well made. Nice sculpting with lots of detail. For me however its most striking feature is that exudes amazing courage and confidence. Perhaps a bit unreal if you care about survival, but hey, these guys belong in a world of make-believe. This guy is a Conte Colletibles GI. I like to call him Sgt. Guts. In addition to the Tommy Gun and the German submachine gun, he has also liberated a German Luger, tucked under his belt. The only thing keeping this guy from being 'armed to the teeth' is the cigar in his mouth. 

Very well then. If you have a favorite guy in your collection or in your memories, it would be great to hear about it.

Click here to see pictures of some more painted GIs.
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  1. My "Special Figure" is probably the the WWII US G.I. from TSSD that is aiming, but not fully raised. Almost as if he is aiming into a trench or taking a prisoner.

  2. I know who you mean. Yes, he's definitely a good guy to be rounding up some guys from a trench, or perhaps firing on the enemy from a church's steeple, like Barry Pepper...

    1. I can tell your a guy that loves his hobby as much I do.

  3. I know... If time were not a constraint, there's so much more that I would like to build, paint, setup, photograph! Someday I'll get there!