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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A special guy - Atlantic British Infantry

Today I want to shine the spotlight on this figure from the Atlantic British Infantry set. While sometimes the sculpting from this manufacturer comes across as a little stiff, and certainly some of the other figures in this set feel that way, I think that this figure turned out quite nicely. However it is not because of the sculpting that I like it, but because of what it represents. This guy won't be very useful in a war game, but he is certainly worth the time you spend looking at him and pondering the virtues that he -literally- stands for. He reminds of the main character in the movie Passchendaele. I know that's a WWI film, but the self-sacrifice, devotion & determination that he displays, transcend that conflict and have been part of many warriors' ethos in the course of history. Let's hope that he makes it back to friendly lines unhurt and that he manages to save his mate.

Click here to see some pictures of British Infantry in action against the Waffen SS.
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