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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Soviet Cargo Trucks

Logistics is key for every army, but for the Soviets, with its huge territorial expanses, this was a crucial element during WWII, as it was bitterly discovered by the Germans. During the course of the war, the Soviet High Command needed to move huge amounts of men and materiel to replace its losses which were several times higher than those of the Germans throughout the course of the campaign, and in the later phases of the war, to overwhelm their enemy and roll them back all the way back Germany. While much of it was done by rail, trucks played a key role in getting the cargo to and from the railway endpoints, or covering areas where the railway infrastructure was inadequate. In terms of toy soldier trucks, we don't have much, but I recently found one which is a good start. Let's take a look. 

Ural Soviet Truck
This truck was actually introduced in 1976 and saw action in Afghanistan. Its name comes from the fact that it was manufactured at the Ural Automotive Plant. It is a very versatile vehicle, which has been adapted to many uses both within the military and in the civilian world. It is capable of traveling very rugged terrain and has a reputation for being easy to maintain and repair, Given the scarcity of WWII Soviet cargo trucks in the toy soldier world -outside of model kits, I find this to be a very viable alternative to give my WWII Soviet troops some logistical support. As you can see, the canvas has some Cyrillic writing, which makes it distinctively Soviet.

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  2. The bove truck is part of Russian post WW2 vehicles line replicas in all plastic made in CHINA x commission of toy company (URAL TOYS) in Russia (Play smart) is main Chinese supplier distributor.
    However they are being sold in other countries such Poland,lituania and Rumania as well.
    The line start in 2011.
    It consist of KAMAZ TRUCK,URAL TRUCK,TIGER SUV Russian vehicle, two different 60's military bus,HUMBEE,BTRs armored troop carrier and few others.Some are made in the civilian use colors. All have battery light and sound effect once activated.Most are 1.30 to 1.32 scale,however the line had done few in the smaller 1.48 scale and could be confused when ordering from Russia direct
    I did carry entire line(10 different models) x sale in quantities till recently sold out all in US in my site store and eBay
    Thank you.

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