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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Elastolin - Figures

Elastolin is a brand of toy soldiers produced by the German firm O&M Hausser. The firm began producing composition figures in 1904. Their main line of figures was manufactured in 70mm, although they also made some 40mm, 65mm, and 105mm figures. Production of plastic figures began in 1955 and it included a wide range of eras and themes. From Vikings & Normans, Romans & Huns, to Medievals, Indians & Cowboys, and of course, WWII. Their WWII figures include a wide range of action poses as well as parading figures. German soldiers are particularly well represented across their multiple service branches -Army, Navy, Air Force, Mountain Troops, SS, etc. Soldiers from other countries such as Britain, US, France, Italy, Japan, as well as other minor participants such as Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Indian colonial troops, and China were also manufactured. Their figures came factory painted most of the time, although some came as plain plastic. In the later years they even made a series of plastic swoppet figures. The good sculpting, level of detail, and attractive color schems, made these figures quite appealing, even to this day. Unfortunately, the company went out of business in 1983. The surviving molds were purchased by Preiser.

Elastolin 70mm German Infantry
The three figures in this picture came from three separate batches. Note that the tone of the colors changed across releases. The officer on the left is actually the conductor of the marching band.

Elastolin 70mm German Flag Bearer
Nice figure to lead the parade. All it needs is his Wehrmacht flag. I wonder if I can get one, or if I may need to scratch build it. 

Elastolin 70mm German Marching Band - Part I
The percusionists.

Elastolin 70mm German Marching Band - Part II
The man on the left is also playing an percusion instrument. It just happens to be ornamented quite a bit that makes it resemble the standard on the right, which happens to be quite elaborate.

Elastolin 70mm German Marching Band - Part III
The horns section. 

Elastolin 70mm German Marching Band - Part IV
The wood winds section. 

Elastolin 70mm German SS on Parade
Officer and enlisted man.

Elastolin 70mm German Infantry on Parade
Two German Army infantrymen. Note that the man with the backpack is the same as the SS man, in the previous picture. He is just painted in a different color scheme.

Elastolin 70mm German Mounted Officer

Elastolin 70mm German Army on Parade - Part I
These are the same figures shown in the previous pictures assembled in a parade scene.

Elastolin 70mm German Army on Parade - Part II

Elastolin 70mm German Army on Parade - Part III

Elastolin 70mm German Army on Parade - Part IV

Elastolin 70mm German Army on Parade - Part V

Elastolin 70mm German Infantry - Part I
These are some combat/action poses. Note how even though they are supposed to be action poses, many of them tend to be standing fairly straight. 

Elastolin 70mm German Infantry - Part II
The two guys in the middle are the ones displaying the most movement. Other than the straight bodies, the figures are fairly nice. The fact that they come factory painted/molded in colors is a nice plus. I certainly hope I can get my hands on a few more. 

Elastolin 70mm German Infantry - Part III
BTW, you can tell that they were sulpted by a different hand than the parade poses as they are a bit thinner. I tried placing the marching guys from this picture next to the parade figures and you can certainly tell the difference. 

Elastolin 70mm German Infantry - Part IV
The spotter will make a good complement to either the machine gunner or the sniper, as the sniper does not have a scope on his rifle. 

Elastolin Swoppet
I found this guy by chance. I did not know that Elastolin had released a line of swoppet figures. Unfortunately, I don't have his original weapon, but I hope I can find him something that is not too undersized for him among my assortment of 1/32 weaponry. Also, the colors could be better, but compared to other swoppet figures from other manufacturers, they are not any worse. Anyhow, an intersting and unique figure. I hope to run into the rest of his squad at some point. 


  1. Excelente Marca la Elastolín, la escala me gusto, Felicidades
    Hector Camargo

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  3. Elastolin Hauser/and or under Preiser is only German company that did produced all German WW2 sets and soldiers in the 70 and 40 mm scale in plastic from 1960 till 1990 by using a factory in the French colony island of(Mauritania) to avoid violation of German made toy regarding WW2 era Nazi toys being made in German territory.
    The figures made previews 80's were solid plastic, new remold hollow two halves molded figures were made in 80's to save in plastic and timing under Preiser
    Preisser/Hausser still sale the unbuilt unpainted WW2 line direct to main retailers, not direct to regular buyers/collectors.
    Molds are now in Germany as the law for prohibit historical WW2 items/toys related was updated in 2003 if produced as educational/collectible toy/figures.

    1. Good bit to know about the manufacturer's history and also the updated German law. Thanks for the info.