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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Austin Miniatures - Toy Soldiers

Austin Miniatures is a US manufacturer based out of Ohio, which recently joined the toy soldier scene. They only have a couple of sets at the moment. Some Cowboys and a set of Marines. They come in a couple of colors and the sculpting is of good quality. They also have a couple more sets in the pipeline. Japanese infantry, which makes quite a bit of sense, to complement those Marines and a set of 1930s gangsters. In the process of buying my set of Marines, I exchanged emails and calls with the owner and his customer service is also very good. Looking forward to their future sets!

Austin Miniatures Marines
This is a fairly recent release from a new US firm. They are made in the style and size of CTS and Conte figures. A nice level of detail and good sculpting. The poses also depict a good degree of action and intensity. And they are all good basic fighting poses. They will certainly blend in well with the rest of the unit. And if you want you can probably paint them as regular GIs, and they will fit right in as well. 

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