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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Werner - Toy Soldiers

Werner was an American toy soldier manufacturer based out of Illinois. It does not seem like they produced any original sculpting. Instead they cloned (or licensed?) the figures from other manufacturers. For instance, their GIs are based on the Ideal GIs and their Cowboys and Indians are based on the TimMee figures. Also according to the Toy Soldier HQ site, an ex TimMee employee might have been involved at Werner, which also explains why the plastic used for their GIs is so similar to that of TimMee's. It is unclear to me whether they released any additional sets and the exact period when they were active.

Werner 60mm US Infantry
These are some figures that I recently discovered. As you can see, they have a strong resemblance to the Ideal GIs, however these guys come with bases, which makes it easier to stand them. The base also comes stamped with the brand name Werner, so that establishes that they were released by a different manufacturer. Only the man standing with the bazooka is not present in the 16 Ideal poses. I have seen pictures with a 7th pose, a man charging/leaning forward with his weapon at the waist, also present in the Ideal set.

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