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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Safari - Toy Soldiers

Safari Ltd is an American producer of plastic figures. They got started out of Miami, Florida, although they also have an office in Hong Kong as hinted by the Limited designation. They have been around in business since the early 80s, and their initial focus was on wild life (hence the name), dinosaur and sea life figures. Over time, they have developed a much larger range, although they are still more heavily weighted towards non-military figures such as farm animals, pets, etc. But they do have a few soldier sets such as civil war, knights, pirates, and one set of WWII GIs. They are 60mm+ in size though. While the brand might not be that well known, their packaging method is. This is the company that sells their figures in what they call 'Toobs', which is a cylinder of clear/hard plastic holding about 6-10 figures. The quality and sculpting of their figures is good, so I really hope that we see additional sets being released representing other nationalities and service branches. For now, lets take a look at the GI set that they offer.

Safari 60mm GIs - Part I
This is a pretty nice set all in all. The sculpting detail is good and the poses are well done. The only thing that I think could be done better is the painting. Other than the faces, which are fairly decent, the rest of the figure is barely painted. I think I will need to give them a paint over. Note also the other less common feature of these figures, they come without bases.

Safari 60mm GIs - Part II
This is a comparison picture next to a 54mm TSSD figure. As you can see, the Safari figures are not too much larger. Keep in mind however that TSSD makes their figures on the larger side of 54mm, with a thick base that makes them even taller.


  1. True. That guy would look pretty big next to a Marx or first series CTS GI.

  2. It's "Little John" from Combat,LOL.Kuvaszsleepybear.

    1. Little John... that took me back a while :-)