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Saturday, February 15, 2014

BUM - Toy Soldiers

Barcelona Universal Models, also known as BUM is a Spanish firm offering toy soldiers in 1/32 and 1/72 scale. Most of their figures seem to be recasts of figures originally issued by other firms, or adaptations of them. They do offer a few unique sets, mainly related to the Spanish Civil war. Most of the products that they offer are in the 1/72 line, with the 1/32 sets being in a distant second place. Also, from what I've read, the quality control when it comes to packaging is not very good. You don't always get the contents that are depicted on the box. In my case out of a set which was supposed to have 2 machine gun teams, I got one machine gunner and 3 ammo feeders, which makes one of the MG teams useless. As far as WWII, they do have a handful of allegedly US heavy weapons and artillery sets. I recently got the two heavy weapons sets. Let's take a look.

BUM US Infantry - Part I
This is machine gun team is sold as American by BUM. The art on the box shows them wearing GI uniforms, however when you look at the actual figures I don't really recognize the features of the American uniforms. So I actually plan on using them as Italian Infantry, since they could use a bit of help when it comes to heavy weapons. The poses are actually OK, but the level of detail on the figures, is not so great. For instance, the face of the man on the left is pretty plain.

BUM US Infantry - Part II
Another heavy weapons team from BUM. Also allegedly American, but note really. This set also comes with the barbed wire, but I did not include it in the picture to get a better shot. Note also that the figures seem to be clones. You can tell not only because the level of detail is a bit faded, but also because the original oval bases are now encased in larger rectagular bases. 

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