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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ajax - Toy Soldiers

According to O'Brien's 'Collecting Toy Soldiers' -the always handy reference guide- Ajax was an American firm started in the 1950's. They produced a wide range of figures, from the typical Army Men, to cowboys & indians, dinosaurs, and so on. They were in business until the early 70's. After that, their molds were acquired sequentially by a series of firms such as Joy Toy and Tootsie Toy, which continued to issue some of their figures. In terms of WWII Toy Soldiers, I am only aware of one set: US GIs. And these apparently seem to be copies (at least some of the poses) of some earlier metal soldiers made by Barclays. Let's take a look.

Ajax US Infantry - Part I
These figures have more value to me as collectibles. The poses are not so well detailed and the proportions are a bit off in some cases -like the size of the heads. The balance of the figures is also a bit off/awkward as is the case with the man throwing the grenade. One interesting detail is the shape of the antenna of the radio man. Anyhow, we must not forget that these were meant to be toys with mold making technology that is now about 60 years old. 

Ajax US Infantry - Part II
These other 4 figures are closer to 60 mm in size. You can tell that they are taller by comparing them against the bunker in the back. The two in the left are a bit better detailed and proportioned. There is supposed to be a 10th guy which was carrying a flamethrower. Apparently this pose was manufactured by a third party, but sold along with the Ajax figures.

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