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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Unknown - Toy Soldiers

This is a small group of soldiers that I purchased on eBay advertised as Speedwell. I've spent several weeks trying to verify their identity, but I have not been able to do so. In fact, based on the sculpting, at this point I have serious doubts that they were actually made by Speedwell. They depict a lot more movement than other Speedwell sets that I have come across. Also, from the searches I've made online, Speedwell seems to have made few original sets, as opposed to recasting figures made by other vendors. BTW, as you can tell from their weapons, they are post WWII figures and based on their uniforms I'd guess that they are British. In any case, if you happen to know who made them please leave a comment and help solve the mystery! It will be very much appreciated!
UPDATE: Brian Carrick from has solved the mystery. It looks like they are Modern British Infantry by Cherilea.

Cherilea Modern British Infantry
I really like the level of action and intensity depicted by these guys. And by that, I don't just mean that they have for instance, a guy who is charging, because some other manufacturers also have such a pose, but still, the movements of those other figures are sometimes not as fluid. They really captured well all the subtle angles of the joints and leaning of the body to give them a very genuine look. There is at least one more guy in the set, as I've seen a picture with 4 poses (a grenade thrower is missing).


  1. Hi TSG, these were made in England during the 1960's by Cherilea, they are a set of four, yu are missing the grenade thrower, see here:
    scroll to bottem of the page.
    Best wishes, Brian

  2. Thanks a lot Brian! Makes sense... even the guy who is charging with his weapon overhead has a very strong resemblance to one of the Cherilea Indian Infantry figures... Appreciate the help clearing up the mystery!
    BTW, yesterday I ran across your site. Did not realize you also had one. I enjoyed looking at it. Left you a note in your guest book.

  3. Hi TSG,

    I've been reading through your blog alot recently. I'm somewhat of a collector of 1/32 scale soldiers and tanks/machines of the WW2 period and a WW2 fanatic. I've recently purchased 2 1/35 Italeri PAK-40's and a Britains Kubelwagon for my German Army.

    Are you based in Ireland? The reason I ask is it seems very difficult to find other enthusiasts here and wondered is there any club/meetings? I'm currently working on a set of wargaming rules for squad based WW2 combat that can accommodate upto 200 troops plus vehicles with the aim of keeping the rules relatively simple and fast paced. I intend on getting a blog up and running to show my collection.

    Keep up the good work,

  4. Hi Dave, Unfortunately I am quite far from Ireland, in the US. I am surprised that there isn't more interest in wargaming in that neck of the woods.
    Coming up with a set of rules that makes the game flow while keeping it 'real' is a great challenge, as is finding enough space to play with that number of figures. Well, good luck and if it works out well, let us know!

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    2. Hi TSG, that's a pity, your site is fantastic and your collection is awe inspiring, battle scenes are fantastic as well. I've liked you on facebook.

      Wargaming here is mainly warhammer and stuff, not much WWII. It can certainly be done I'll keep you posted, here's a link to my blog -

      I deleted the original post as my blog URL has changed, it's still in it's infancy, but with your permission I would like to link/recommend your site on mine, Dave

    3. Hi Dave, thanks for your kind feedback. Glad you like it. I checked out your blog the other day and ejoyed reading the 'battle report'. Keep it up. All blogs start small!
      About linking ot my blog, please go ahead! I would actually appreciate that very much.

    4. Hi TSG, your most welcome, it's a very good blog indeed.

      Thanks I'm glad you liked it, a little off topic being about Vietnam but the others will be WWII. Thanks for your encouragement.

      Your link is now on my recommended blog's list down the right hand side , check it out -

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  6. I happen to have the grenade thrower, and the rest of the figures, which I personally have no use for. Unfortunately I'm over here in England, so it wouldn't really be worth it to send four figures across the Atlantic.

  7. I would like to make it one of these years to the London Toy Soldier show. If I am ever in the 'neighborhood' I'll let you know!