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Saturday, January 26, 2013

UNA - Toy Soldiers

UNA is another little known toy soldier manufacturer based out of the UK, or more precisely, out of England. I don't know much about them, I just know that their WWII figures seem to be recasts of Timpo figures. The only difference is that the UNA bases contain an extra layer with a small hole where the manufacturer's name is imprinted. This makes the bases twice as thick and the UNA figures slightly taller than the Timpo guys. The figures came factory painted and my best guess is that they were in production around the 60s or 70s. 

UNA US Infantry - Part I
Overal, they are a nice set. But as I mentioned, the credit for the sculpting really goes to Timpo. Nonetheless, I really like the guy charging forward with the sub machine gun. One thing that I am surprised about is how well they have retained the factory paint. Either the previous owner was very careful with them or they did a very good job selecting the materials and the manufacturing process. 

UNA US Infantry - Part II
Here is another UNA GI which I got in a batch of mixed figures. He is also derived from one of the Timpo guys. Not the most exciting pose as he seem to just be standing around. I definitely prefer the action poses from the previous picture better.

UNA British Infantry
I purchased a lot of mixed soldiers and this one came with it. Af first glance it looks like a Lone Star kind of guy, but thanks to the base I realized that it was made by UNA. His uniform and Vickers MG lead me to believe that he is a British guy, but I have not comfirmed it or found any other UNA Tommies yet. Based on the helmet he might also be a GI.

UNA base
This is how the bottom of the figures is stamped, within the hole in the middle of the augmented base.

Click here to see some other GIs in action

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