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Sunday, January 13, 2013

100,000 hits

Today is a special day for WWII Plastic Toy Soldiers. Today it has reached the 100k hits mark. So this post is simply to thank all of you out there who have contributed towards reaching this milestone. It's been roughly 1.5 years since I began this blog. When I started it I did not really know whether it would find an audience, but 150+ articles later and with 100k hits under its belt, it seems to have found its niche in the hobby. My goal so far has been to create a reference guide of the figures and vehicles out there, organized either by manufacturer or by branch of the military. A place where you can see all the sets that were made by  firm X, or where you can see all the sets made representing the paratroopers of country Y. In the latter I have also included artillery and vehicles. I hope this objective has been fulfilled and that you have found it of some use. As this phase of the project nears completion, I am contemplating what the next set of posts will contain. Most likely, I will turn my attention towards shooting some more battle scenes, and towards other aspecst of the hobby such as modeling terrain and buildings. And perhaps I might document the progress I make as I go back to painting more figures. As they say, the future is wide open! If you have any thoughts or suggestions about the type of posts that you would like to see, feel free to drop a comment. Again, thanks for your continued readership and your help to get us to 100,000 hits!

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  1. Awesome site man! Thanks for the all the pictures. I've come here for reference more than a couple times!

    Any interest in other time periods?

    Rock on!

  2. Hey Beau! Thanks for the feedback. I am glad it has been of some use. That's been my intention as I've worked to build up the 'catalogue'. About other periods, I could easily collect all of them! From ancients, to vikings, medievals, napoleonics, civil war, cowboys and indians, you name it! The challenge is the time, money and space that it takes, and my wife's limits on each of those dimensions :-)