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Monday, November 26, 2012

Toy Soldiers of San Diego - Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers of San Diego is an American firm located as the name indicates in Southern California. They began as a dealer -I discovered them in the late 90s or early 2000s- and a few years later, they evolved into having their own line of figures. While they also carry other sets outside of WWII, like cowboys and indians, romans and barbarians, etc. they have done an excellent job covering several WWII participants. Their level of sculpting is very good, with their poses being both dynamic and very well detailed. They are of comparable quality as Conte I would say. They are one of the few companies that currently issues new sets of WWII figures, so we certainly want to give them our business to make sure they continue to do so.

TSSD US Infantry
A nice set of GIs. Definitely can mix them up with Conte's as the size matches just right. Similarly to Conte, they also came up with their own version of the gutsy Sgt. [on the left]. The medic defending himself is a nice touch, probably more appropriate for the Pacific Theater of Operations where no quarter was given, even to medics.

TSSD US Infantry Heavy Weapons
A heavy weapons squad. Nice two piece MG and finally, a mortar guy who actually has a mortar.

TSSD US Infantry Long Coats
A good set of guys to have if you want to setup your own Battle of the Bulge. My only complaint is that I would have liked to have a few more poses.

TSSD German Elite Troops - Part I
Toy Soldiers of San Diego called them elite troops. I guess some folks have reservations about using the Waffen SS label. Nonetheless, they came out with a very good set. First manufacturer that I am aware of to produce mounted WW II troops. The machine gun team is also very well done.

TSSD German Elite Troops - Part II
This picture is showing the second mounted figure, including a different horse. Same MG Team, just painted in fall cammo color scheme.

TSSD German Elite Troops - Part III
Some more nicely sculpted poses. The guy on the left offers a bit of drama to any scene he participates in. The man with the sniper rifle is wearing one of those tent quarters (zeltbahn) which could be joined with another 3 parts to make a tent in the form of a pyramid to get some protection from the elements.

TSSD German Elite Troops - Part IV
Showing three of the same figures from the spring set from a different angle in fall cammo color scheme.

TSSD Germans in Long Coats - Part I
The opposition for the GIs in winter uniforms. Note how even with long coats, they gave them enough detail in terms of the equipment that they are carrying on their back.

TSSD Germans in Long Coats - Part II
Another picture of the log coats, containing the last two poses -the guys at the two ends.

TSSD German Infantry expansion set
These are some recently released German guys that complement the TSSD German 'Elite Troops'. They will paint well as SS guys in cammo gear or as regular landser wearing winter gear, as they go well the Germans with longcoats, with the nice added touch that they come with a different head gear. You can't see well in the picture, but the man on the right is holding/throwing a grenade also. The only thing to complain about is that they only released four poses. 

TSSD Japanese Infantry - Part I
Another nice set with some intense action poses. They actually have 8 poses only, but the guy with the flag can also hold a rifle instead - see below.

TSSD Japanese Infantry - Part II
The rest of the pack. As you can see, they also project a good dose of energy. The fixed bayonets very much in line with their tendency to engage in close quarters combat.

TSSD US Marines - Part I
These guys are also a nice dynamic bunch which captures well the nature of the fighting in the Pacific, with the wounded having to defend themselves. Their original color is very similar to the BMC guys, so even unpainted they blend well together.

TSSD US Marines - Part II
The guy fighting with the shovel is quite dramatic. The other men showing a representative variety of weapons: sub machine gun, Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) & Garand rifle.

TSSD Soviet Infantry
As with the other sets, nice sculpting, and good poses. The woman sniper is a good unique touch which pays tribute to the many women who fought at the front lines of the Soviet army.

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