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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Steve Weston Toy Soldiers - Toy Soldiers

Steve Weston Toy Soldiers is a British Business. It is both a dealer of toy soldiers from all periods and other manufacturers, as well as being a manufacturer of its own line of 54mm figures. At present, its product line is rather small, as they have only been producing their own figures for a few years and the range is mostly focused on the Wild West, however, they do have one interesting WWII set as you will see below. The other really unique and interesting offering that they have is a 1/32 British WWI Mark IV 'Tadpole' tank and its German counterpart the A7V tank. Those of course, are beyond the scope of this blog, however they do deserve a mention due to the uniqueness factor if you are into WWI, you might want to get some of those. 

Steve Weston Toy Soldiers British Infantry
This is their sinlge WWII set. As you can see, overall it is nicely sculpted. I like how the figures are standing with their weight shifted off-center as the poses look more realistic that way. They also come with a good amount of equipment on them, which shows that they pay attention to detail. Perhaps the only thing to criticize is how wide the helmets are. The helmets on a couple of them, like the guy on the very left, remind me of the helmets used by the Star Wars troops protecting the Emperor. Overall, a decent set to add to the collection. As you can see, at the time I took this picture I was in the process of painting them. Once they are fully painted they look better!

Click here to see British Infantry in action

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