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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bonnie Bilt - Toy Soldiers

Bonnie Bilt apparently was an American toy manufacturer based out of New York. I don't know much about their history or when they went out of business. I am only familiar with one of their sets. I am not sure when these figures were originally manufatured, but it must have been in the 50s or 60s. The material is actually hard plastic and I have seen it in different shades of green. Later in the 70s they were still made -probably cloned- in soft plastic and came in three colors: red, yellow, and green, so you could have different color armies fight each other. If you ever 'shot' at these guys using marbles, then you know how hard they were to hit given how thin they are.

Bonnie Bilt US Infantry - Part I
This is an interesting set. Not very realistic as they are flat figures, but unique in the sense that they are made out of plastic, but are flat like many lead soldiers used to be. The stretcher guys are quite special. The carriers have two small holes on their hands where the handles of the stretcher fit in. 

Bonnie Bilt US Infantry - Part II
 Here are the rest of the guys. The prone man on the right was supposed to have a maching gun, but I suppose those were easy to lose. Probably there are not many left. Without the machine gun he could be used as a forward observer, or simply a guy who is taking cover.

Bonnie Bilt US Infantry - Part III
Here are the same four figures as in the previous picture, but in a different shade of green. Note also that because they are made out of hard plastic, they can break more easily, as illustrated by the bayonet of the second guy on the left.

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