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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Terrain Pieces

This post will contain pictures of commercial or custom made terrain pieces. Whether you war-game, setup dioramas or just like to have fun with a nice battle scene, terrain pieces can go from being a nice complement to playing a central role in your setup. And if you are into building them yourself, they can turn out to be really fun projects to work on. You might even find yourself constantly scouting all types of places for anything that might be useful in one of your future projects or just 'the right' item to give that realistic touch to the one you are currently working on. It is also a process of experimentation to see which way of doing things turns out better. Anyhow, Whether you make them or buy them, having nice terrain pieces to complement your troops can give a big boost to your scenes. For now, I will begin with one that I recently purchased.

CTS / Form Tech - Destroyed Tiger Tank
This is a foam product that comes kind of painted. I must say that I liked it when I saw the pictures and bought it online. Then when I held it in my hands and saw it up close I second guessed my decision. Then when I took this picture I concluded that it's not too bad. I think I will enhance the paint job later, put a bit of vegetation around the edge of the base to smooth it out and that should give it a good face lift. As you can see it has room for a couple of figures maybe even more if you squeeze them in there. It does seem however to be on the smaller side of the 1/32 scale. Anyhow with a bit of touch up work I think it can be a nice addition to quite a few battle scenes.

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  1. Hey, it looks great ma! It would be perfect in a late war scene like the battle of berlin or on the siegfried line. After you paint it and weather it a little (maybe add some grass and shrubbery too) it would look great! I have too been marveling at these cts/ formtech minidioramas. Wondering if they're any good or not. I may get one now and fix it up to my standards.

  2. Yes, that's what I am thinking too! If you get one and fix it up let me know how it turns out.

  3. I definately will. Keep an eye out, I'm painting my last figure of the CTS German Assault squad and I am about half way done paining both the CTS US GI sets. So I should be posting those soon. They're some of the first figures i've painted so I'm wondering how someone experienced in the hobby will react.