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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DSG - Toy Soldiers

DSG is a firm from Argentina which somehow ended up with a few of the molds from the original Britians Deetail figures and have renewed production of the figures. Unlike the original Britians Deetail figures, the DSG figures come mounted on a plastic base. This makes the figures feel less 'solid'. Also, the color schemes are different, although I think they are actually better than the original ones. DSG has also come up with a creative way of increasing its sales, by releasing the same sets with different paint schemes, with some sets -like the Afrika Korps- being released in up to 10 variations. In terms of cost, they sell for close to 3 dollars a piece. Still cheaper than the original Britains Deetail, but providing them a very healthy profit margin. Note that there is also another firm called First Gear that produces new casts of Britains Deetail figures. DSG makes the British 8th Army and Afrika Korps, and First Gear makes the other WWII sets.

DSG British 8th Army
For some reason this set has rectangular bases. These are even lighter than the green plastic ones, which makes the figures feel even less sturdy. But they turned out to be a good alternative to the original Deetail guys which cost two or three times as much per figure.


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  2. Thanks for the encouraging feedback. It means a lot particularly because it is only me working on it :-)

  3. Hi

    I have a varied collection of Britains toy soldiers from. My childhood, and always looked after them, they are currently up the attic packed away, i have many of the US Marines, British Tommy, and German infantry, including vehicles, field guns and motorbikes, all have been looked after even though they have been well played with have little or no damage to them, as I recollect, I have the Willy's Jeep in almost unmarked condition, the Kubel Wagon, kettlegrad ?, german motorbike and sidecar, motorbike on its own, british motorbike, us motorbike, and the mortar teams, i have probably in excess of 50 soldiers, so i'd be grateful of any guidance on price value of these items?
    Many Thanks

  4. Hey Kevin, that sounds like a really nice collection. It is worth a nice chunk of cash, particularly the vechicles. The figs can go for 3-4 dollars each, sometimes 5, depending on the condition and pose. The mortar teams for maybe 10-15. The motorcycles for about 25, the other vehicles might sell for 2-3 times as much, particularly if you have the boxes. Again, prices will vary depending on the condition. I suggest you go into ebay and watch a few auctions for the actual sale price of the items you have. Do not go by the asking price, but the actual sale price, which is what collectors are actually willing to pay. The asking price is sometimes too high or too low. BTW I would be interested in the kubelwagon, the kettenkrad, british bike & maybe the german bike.