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Saturday, August 18, 2012

BMC - Toy Soldiers

BMC is a company that caters to the young collector, or in other words, that sells toys. Some of their figures are not the best sculpted or more detailed, but as far as price goes, they are quite affordable. So if you want to get your child some guys to play with or if you are looking to add volume to your ranks, these might be for you. Once you paint them they improve a bit and blend better with your other troops. Besides soldiers, BMC has also produced a few interesting vehicles, like Amtracks, Landing Crafts and a Sherman. They also offer a few other sets outside of WWII.
BMC German Infantry - Part I
My main criticism about these figures is the shape of the helmet. If you are going to make German Infantry you have to get the helmet right. Probably the best pose in this set is the officer, although his base seems unecessarily large. Makes one wonder if he was sculpted by a different hand.
BMC German Infantry - Part II
Compared to other MG teams from other manufacturers, this one is a bit awkward. Even to take this picture I had to find an angle that would make them look a bit better.

BMC German Infantry - Part III
At the time I painted all the other German figures I thought that there was not much use for a dead guy on a war-game. Since I started working on this blog however, I have come to realize that these poses would make the posts with battle scenes more realistic, so now I wish I had painted them. I guess I will get to it at some point.

BMC British Infantry - Part I
When BMC produced these guys they were described as British Infantry, however I think they are better suited as British 8th Army guys. If you look at some of the other manufaturers' figures you will also find bagpipes & berets...

BMC British Infantry - Part II
...and those shovels and picks look like they could come in handy in the rocky, craggy expanses of the North African landscape. One thing I don't quite like about these guys is that some of their rifles seem a bit short, like the one at the right end.

BMC Japanese Infantry - Part I
I was very pleasantly surprised with their Iwo Jima figures, both the Japanese and the Marines. They are very well made. Superior to their price point. Somebody told me that the used molds from King and Country for these figures. I have not verified that, but it seems possible as the difference is noticeable.

BMC Japanese Infantry - Part II
The figures are a bit on the larger side for 54 mm, but still a very good set. Can't wait to see how they look once they are painted.

BMC US Marines - Part I
BMC released these marines as part of their Iwo Jima set, along with Japanese figures. They were made around the time of the movie Flag of our Fathers, when some interest in the Pacific war started to take place. They are a bit on the larger side for 54mm, but they are very well made.

BMC US Marines - Part II
As you can see, the men are depicted in nice action/fighting poses which look quite realistic. One thing to point out is that the left most man's bazooka can be removed and it requires a couple tries to set it back in place properly. Not a big deal, but something to be aware of.

BMC US Marines - Part III
These guys are already primed as I will be painting them soon. Their original color is a light, creamy green. Also with this set you get a flag raising team modeled after the famous photograph, and also a Higgins boat coxswain. The flag raising team is made in a smaller scale as the rest of the figures, and the coxswain has an unusual base that makes him stand about 1 inch taller than the other guys, hence I am not including them in the figures I'll be painting.

BMC US Infantry - Part I
Not my favorite figures, but when you need unique poses you can't be very selective. Their most annoying feature are the helmets which sit very high on their heads. Also the handle on those rifles seem out of place for WWII unless that's a weapon that I am not familiar with.

BMC US Infantry - Part II
The prone guy with the flame thrower is a good addition. The mortar guy without a mortar seems kind of lost. He needs to be paired with figures from another manufacturer to give him a weapon to work with.

BMC US Infantry - Part III
The guy on the right throwing the grenade has arms so short that he reminds me of a T-Rex. The guy next to him dropping the mortar shell into an imaginary mortar looks more like he is ready to take a dive. The third guy from the right, is actually fairly decent. I actually like how he is leaning back a bit. The fourth guy could be useful for a scene at Omaha beach when they are using the bangalore torpedoes to open a gap in the wire in order to exit the beach.

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