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Sunday, February 19, 2012

German Infantry - Part III

In a previous post I described all the German Infantry poses that I have already painted. That post left out some poses that I decided not to paint. At the time I was aiming to paint 100 different poses with the goal of using them for war-gaming, so I left out the poses that were least appealing and those that were the least useful in a war-game. This blog however would be inclomplete if I were to leave them out from the catalog of figures that I have been assembling. This post is meant to remedy that. So without further ado, I present to you the German guys who did not make the 'paint cut'.  

MPC German Infantry
The prone guy was left out because I had set myself a limit of 10 prone figures, and he was on the longer/taller side. The guy on the left did not seem like he would fit well on a war-game. He would fit better in a football game asking for the ball to be thrown at him. The guy on the right got disqualified because of his sculpting. He looks like a 2-D figure.

Marx German Infantry Marching Soldier
This guy did not make it simply because he would not be of much use in a war-game where you want more action/fighting poses. But I do like him. I actually plan on painting him and about 49 other marching guys that I have been collecting to make a nice parade scene at some point.

BMC German Infantry MG Team
This machine gun team was cut because of similiar reasons as the MPC prone guy. I already had 10 prone figures and these were the least well sculpted of them all. Even to take this picture I had to find an angle that would make them look a bit better.

BMC Dead German
At the time I painted all the other German figures I thought that there was not much use for a dead guy on a war-game. Since I started working on this blog however, I have come to realize that these poses would make the posts with battle scenes more realistic, so now I wish I had painted them. I guess I will get to it at some point.

Conte Dead German
Same story here. Good sculpting by Conte. Even their dead guys look good.

Marx Dead German
The last of the three casualties.


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    1. The pictures have to be reuplodaded, the text by good old copy/paste :-( An easier way would be to post a link to the blog in FB...