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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

British Infantry - Part II

I finished painting the British guys and giving them their final protective coats a few days back but had not gotten around to uploading a picture. Well, here they are. As I mentioned in the post about painting toy soldiers, after the paint job was done, I dipped them in Plasti-dip, then on clear Minwax lacqer, and finally in a watered down black acrylic paint to give them their final blackwashed appearance. I still can't decide if they represent a large platoon or an understrength company. In any case, the unit contains troops from Airfix, Atlantic, BMC, Britains Herald, Marx, Matchbox and Steve Weston Toy Soldiers. These guys are now ready for some action in places like Dunkirk, Normandy, Caen, Monte Cassino, or Northern Germany!

Click here to take a closer look at these figures by vendor.
And here to see them in action against a unit of Waffen SS in Normandy.

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