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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

River Mission - British Deetail

Here we have a couple of Tommies on a scouting mission down the river. They must have heard some sounds that got them alerted. Luckily, the high river bank affords them some protection. Hopefully it is just a false alarm, otherwise that bren gunner is going to be busy!
These two guys along with their raft were manufactured by Britains Deetail in the 70's. Other rafting teams that I am aware of have been produced by Matchbox (Commandos), Revell (Combat Engineers) and Marx (GIs). Unfortunately these rafts are always small enough that they can only hold a couple guys, and you can't really use them to mount any significant amphibious assault. Not even a small raid, unless you had quite a few of them. Anyhow, I still think they are pretty cool. They make a nice display piece and are a good collector's item.

Britains Deetail raft with British Infantry

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