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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Making a stand at the Siegfried Line - German Waffen-SS in Action

As the pressure on the Western front builds up, the German Army falls back to the pepared positions at the Siegfried Line or Westwall, as the Germans used to call it, where its unbreachability will be put to the test. These are the gates to the Fatherland, so the defenders will be putting up a stiff fight.

The setup is a primarily a combination of Conte Collectibles bunkers & dragon's teeth with Forces of Valor accessories. The defenders are a mix of Conte and Toy Soldiers of San Diego.  

Firing from behind whatever cover is available.

A man with a panzerfaust waiting for the right moment to spring the trap.

A Forces of Valor elephant providing some anti-tank support at this roadblock. The real roadblock gates at the Siegfried line looked like this.

Urging the men forward.

MG 42 team pinning down the supporting infantry.

Scanning the battlefield for his next target or just being cautions moving up? The heavy caliber guns loom menacing inside the bunkers in the background. Those will be a tougher nut to crack.

It will require some combat engineers to blow up these obstacles to allow any wide vehicles through.

This Airfix tower is not the place where you would want to have to fight from, but it provides a better vantage point, and it might force the opponent to take it out early, revealing that the attack is coming.   

A slightly wider view of the action.  

Featured figures: Conte Collectibles Waffen SS, Conte Collectibles German Infantry, Toy Soldiers of San Diego Waffen SS, TSSD Waffen SS, TSSD Elite Troops. Featured Vehicle: Forces of Valor Elephant.


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    1. Thanks! In retrospective, I wish I had used better lighting, but it was still a fun scene to setup and shoot!