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Friday, June 10, 2011

Lining them up - Marx German Infantry

Toy Soldiers. There is something about sorting them and grouping them by pose, about lining them up in neat, ordered lines which is very soothing, almost therapeutic. Then there's also that special sensation that seeing a large mass of troops gives you, a feeling that grows as the volume increases. Sorting them and lining the up by pose is almost always the first thing I do when I get a new set of figures. Of course, when it comes to setting up a scene, the fighting poses don't lend themselves that well to getting lined up. It would be totally unrealistic to have a bunch of guys next to each other throwing a grenade or charging with the bayonet at exactly the same moment! However, in the case of the marching guys, they actually work quite well for that purpose, which is pretty much the only time I really, really like them.
Below we have a platoon of Marx German infantry on parade in front of the battalion commander. Some day after I get around to painting them and building a more permanent town square -so that the cobblestone sections are all flat and the seams less noticeable-, this will be a much cooler scene, but for now I invite you to join in for their inspection and review them 'as is'.

Click here to see some pictures of painted German Infantry.

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